Random particles of inspiration sleeting through the cosmos

So, EVERY year I forget about the existence of Nanowrimo. Because the concept of trying to write a novel in a month? SCARES ME. So clearly I should be trying to write 1000 short stories in a year instead…

And yet. Every year, round about the middle of autumn, I feel writing urges stirring. Strong urges. Every year I can’t imagine why this is happening to me. And then I realise that I’ve once again felt the disturbance in the Force that is Nanowrimo brewing. It’s like thought-weather. Creativity on the wind.

I also sometimes forget about Lent but have strong urges to give up my bad habits in the spring…

Anyway, it has just, just occurred to me that this year I’ve surpassed myself. Insofar as I remembered about Nanowrimo at all, I kind of thought it was happening in October. Just occurred to me to double-check that.

When does it start? The first of November. What date have I chosen to start my own epic writing project? Oh yeah, THE FIRST OF NOVEMBER.

Which means I should have a nice wave of frantically creative thought-weather to surf as I get going. All over the world, people will be throwing caution to the winds and scribbling like crazy. Absolutely what I need.

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