Written? PUPPY!

Written Kitten is a delightful new writing-motivation tool that rewards you with a fresh kitten for every 100 words you write. Needless to say, I immediately contacted the makers to ask if I could make Written Puppy.

The answer? Oh – you can use any search term you want.

Thus, for example:

Written Puppy

Written Dog

Written Chihuahua (warning: occasional photos of the place rather than the dog)

Written Labrador (ditto)

Search terms of 2 or more words need to be put in quotes, e.g. “dog nose”.

To test how it works, you can just copy/paste ‘All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’ repeatedly…

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8 thoughts on “Written? PUPPY!

  1. Okay, so I tested this! Here’s the transcription of how, in case it amuses you, because copy-paste-repeat is no fun:

    “Just testing, wondering exactly how this works. Does it interrupt you to give you a puppy? Or does it just pop one up in the side window next to where the typing goes? And do you get to keep the puppy or is it lost in the ether when you get to the next hundred words? Assuming of course that you don’t pause in the typing process to save the picture, which I imagine you probably can.

    Which of course just makes me wish that the universe had a built-in right-click-save function that would allow you to save anything that needed it, no matter… oh, I just passed 100.

    Apparently the search engine is slightly dyslexic, though, because what I got was a field of POPPIES. http://www.flickr.com/photos/32539743@N05/3508449589 Not that it isn’t beautiful, but so very not what I was expecting. Also, the right-click thing doesn’t work, but what does work is the link underneath the image, which is how I come to be showing you above what I actually got. Still, I’ll keep typing, because I still want a puppy. Or, y’know, several. Or hundreds. Or… LOTS. The average trade paperback is 100,000 words. By this site’s calculation, that would be TEN THOUSAND PUPPIES. How awesome would that be?

    However, I just got this: http://www.flickr.com/photos/70831250@N00/3302138202 which makes my eyeball muscles ache in sympathy just looking at it, so I think I’ll quit while I’m ahead. XD”


  2. Hi there!

    Oh how I love puppies, and how I love kittens, but I thought, “Hey, let me try something else!” But if I enter a different term into the address link, pictures just don’t seem to pop up. Am I doing something wrong?

  3. Rather, let me make my question more specific… Do personal nouns not work? That seems to be the case with me! When I type in ‘Turkey’, I was eagerly awaiting a picture of Istanbul or the Hagia Sofia, but instead I got a picture of a delicious Christmas meal…Awkward.

    • I had the opposite problem – I typed in ‘Chihuahua’ and got a picture of Mexico!

      I think it just indiscriminately shows anything tagged with that word, regardless of meaning…

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