The dog is OUT of the bag!

A big welcome to my new readers who were sent here by Dogs Trust! Remember to check out the round buttons on the top right for ways to keep track of this crazy endeavour. :)

As the rest of you will have gathered, Dogs Trust now knows about this project. I was putting off telling them until I’d written more and was more sure of finishing the project, but someone else told them for me! I’m actually really happy – this has given me a tremendous boost when I really needed it.

I’d been chatting to @marleyterrier on Twitter (who I think is the dog of the gentleman I mentioned in my previous post) and came back to find he’d tweeted this: 

I do bring to attenshun of my pals @EveJacques who is raisin munee for @dogstrust by doin amazin fings

(Remember Marley is a dog, so let’s not criticise his spelling. I’m highly impressed that he can type at all.)

Dogs Trust then tweeted: ‘Wow, that’s incredible @EveJacques! Thank you!’ and retweeted the link with the words ‘Fantastic idea’.

So now I’m rather full of the squee, and off home to finish my next story!

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