Catchupdate/Vote for my best stories!

(NB. When I say vote, it doesn’t mean there’ll be a poll or anything. So just ‘tell me’, really. :) )

So. I am behind. Epically behind. So far my Christmas Catch-up plan has not happened.

Interesting learning from this! It seems my optimum place to be is one to a few stories behind. If I’m bang on target, I freak. If I’m way behind, I also freak. So I need to catch myself *almost but not quite* up.

Between now and the housemate’s return on 3rd Jan, I have 7 days when I’m busy with either work or people, and 6 free days. In order to get back on target I’d need to do 5 stories on each busy day, and 12 on each free day. Actually, though, I’m aiming to get *almost but not quite* back on target, so can do a few fewer (A few fewer!)


Some of these stories are not going to be good. (Okay, no, that’s defeatist. Some of these stories MAY not be good.) One of the fears that keeps me from writing is, ‘What if I write this and it’s bad and someone comes to my site and that’s the first one they see, and then they think I’m a bad writer forever?’

So what I ALSO need to do is to create a ‘best of’ feature to direct people to my best stories. (Feel free to tell me what you think should be on the list!) I think I’m going to do this first, so I can then blaaaah away safe in the knowledge that whatever piece of blaaaah I just blaaaaahed out is less likely to turn readers away.

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4 thoughts on “Catchupdate/Vote for my best stories!

  1. I really liked the one with the castle and the future-girl.

    Also, you may not be fully caught up, but you’re writing them faster than I’m managing to catch up reading them, which is scarily impressive :)

  2. And, reading through the archives, I really loved “Passing in the night” and “In a world with one difference”.

    (Writing this many stories, do you remember them all? Or can someone refer to one and you can’t remember which one they mean?)

    • Thanks!! I can usually remember them, although in this case, I had to think about whether ‘In a world with one difference’ was the wolf one or the blue and green one. :)

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