Last lot of six-word stories!

In love with spirit of caffeine.

Somebody cloned me. I’m beside myself.

Leave me alone – no, come back!

I made my wish come true.

He left her for someone uglier.

Elves: sing, dance, but can’t act.

Found a way to preserve happiness.

Went to theatre. Left my heart.

Dreamed I fell in love. Bereft.

Saw angels riding astride a plane.

Slipped between seconds and found forever.

Bitten by radioactive dog, developed supersmell.

What was that? Just the cat?

Muses went on strike, insanity reigned.

Found words for what’s beyond words.

At top of mountain, another mountain.

Learned to fly, not to land.

Drew kite on window, for hope.

Found my innocence, won’t lose again.

We don’t talk about that incident.

Do good stories end with questions?

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