The Boy Who Made a World

There was once a boy who was lonely and sad. The world seemed grey and cold to him and he felt lost in it. So he decided to make another world, a place just for him where he could escape.

He took his pot of bubbles and began to blow. Everyone dreams of blowing one marvellous bubble that just keeps getting bigger and bigger and never bursts. Most people can try all their lives and never manage it, but the longing that the boy breathed into the bubble was so strong, it made the bubble strong too. Bigger and bigger it grew, until it was as big as the boy himself.

It floated free of the bubble wand and settled on the grey carpet, a translucent world of rainbow oceans shimmering with restless tides. The boy put out his hand and touched the bubble, and the bubble didn’t burst. He put his hand right through the rainbow ocean and into the warm tropical air of his breath.

And then he stepped inside, into his own world.

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