Awesome new BOOKSTORE initiative from Dogs Trust

Hope they don’t mind me ripping this out of the email they just sent me…

We’re delighted to announce we now have our very own online bookstore with can now support Dogs Trust through buying and selling your books online from the comfort of your own home.The next time you buy a book, make sure it’s from Dogs Trust:

  • All books cost just £3.75 – including the latest bestsellers!
  • Free delivery – on most paperbacks
  • For every book bought, Dogs Trust receive a 50p or £1 donation

The next time you finish a book, why not sell it on behalf of Dogs Trust:

  • De-clutter your home and turn your unwanted books into donations
  • For every book sold, you’ll receive a book payment to cover postage
  • From every book you sell, Dogs Trust receive a 50p or £1 donation


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