State of the Wordbirds

My last story wasn’t even meant to be a story – I just wrote it on Twitter and people loved it, so I decided it was story-able…

Once again, I’m quite behind. Luckily, I’m on holiday this week, so I have a chance to catch up. Catching all the way up would involve writing 22-23 stories a day, but given I spent Christmas day writing 81, that’s not beyond the bounds. We’ll see.

What’s actually been worrying me, to the point where I was thinking of giving up, was how far behind I was with the actual craneification. I know in a LOGICAL world I would have reacted to that by, say, making cranes, rather than getting completely stuck and neither making cranes nor writing, but it should be clear by now that I do not live in a logical world.

HOWEVER. Today I realised what my problem was. I’d been trying to make cranes while reading or watching television, and this was slowing me down like crazy. Each one took me 15-20 minutes. And I thought that was how fast I could go, so being well over 200 cranes behind was worrying, to say the least.

Then tonight I tried making cranes while actually focusing on making cranes. Oh. Right. Each one now takes me 3-4 minutes. THIS IS NOT THE DISASTER I THOUGHT IT WAS. Worth remembering that sometimes the thing you’re scared of proves to be completely non-scary on investigation…

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