My name is Eve. I started asking for a dog as soon as I could talk, and reading before I was two. After that, my development slowed down a bit and I’m now the world’s least mature 34-year-old.

Besides dogs and stories, my favourite things are God (I’m a VERY liberal Christian) and Mary Poppins (though Mary would protest that she is not a Thing.) I run a dorky blog featuring all of them here.

I’ve wanted to be a writer for most of my life. Storytelling is a much more recent dream that just kind of clobbered me one day as I was getting out of the shower. I’m the total beginner walking down the street telling stories with a phone to my ear pretending I’m talking to someone.

I’m expecting it to take years before I’m ready to earn a living as a writer and storyteller, but I’m lucky to have an awesome job as an executive PA for a TV company, where I get to see a lot of cool behind-the-scenes stuff.

I live in Datchet, a small English village near Windsor, with my friend Cath and her chihuahua Chloe, who’s utterly converted me to the breed (I was a ‘big dog person’.)

Chloe prefers to be an only dog, but once I get my own place I’m planning to rescue chihuahuas.

Other interests include musical theatre (watching it! I can’t sing or dance), Shakespeare, anime and manga, long walks, wasting time on the internet, coding, baking, eating, helping Cath with her wedding planning business and readthroughs (acting out plays) with my friends. Sometimes these can run to weekend-long multi-play costumed epics…

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