I feel your pain. I’ve been broke for most of my adult life. (In fact, as I write this, I don’t have a landline or internet because I couldn’t pay the bill…)

One of the things that sucks for me about being broke is feeling like I can’t contribute, so I’m going to give you several money-free ways to contribute to this project.

One: Spread the word! Link to me. Tell your friends about me. See if you can set me up with a publicity opportunity, or know anyone who knows anyone who can.

Two: Hang out and comment on my blog and encourage me. :) Anyone doing creative stuff and putting it out in the world REALLY needs encouragement and support. It makes such a huge difference.

Three: Pray for me! Or send me good vibes, make a wish, do a spell… (I’m VERY multifaith-friendly.)

Four: Remember this is an ongoing project and you may not be broke by the time I finish!

And if you want to contribute just a little bit of money, the minimum you can sponsor me on my Justgiving page is £2 (not my minimum – I’d make it 1p if I could) or you can sponsor me £1 by texting ‘BOSE75 £1′ to 70070. And just in case you’re in any doubt, I will NOT SNEEZE at anyone sponsoring me £1! Widow’s mite and all it takes is tuppence and all that!

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